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What Is "Cause Marketing"?

"Cause marketing" is where purpose, passion, and profits meet in a productive, strategically aligned partnership. While there have been earlier examples of the purchase of corporate goods benefiting charitable organizations, the term "cause marketing" was coined by American Express®. From 1981 to 1984, American Express supported over 45 local causes through a marketing arrangement where the use of its card generated financial support for programs American Express elected to sponsor. In one of its campaigns, American Express raised $2 million for the Statue of Liberty Restoration Project. But it was Newman's Own® that really brought to the mainstream consumer the concept and the beneficial impact of cause marketing. Today, you participate in cause marketing when you designate a percentage of your purchases at your local supermarket to support your local schools. Consumers can eat for a cause, wear for a cause, and support a cause through numerous strategic partnerships.

When you purchase from this web site, you make a statement that you care to support the work of our nonprofit.

The Cone Cause Study in 2008 found 79% of Americans would switch brands to support their cause.*

* Past. Present. Future. The 25th Anniversary of Cause Marketing, CONE LLC, Boston, MA, 2008

How the Program Works

1. Shaklee provides this FREE online store for you and other members and friends of our organization to purchase Shaklee high quality products.
2. You redirect your monthly spending for household, beauty, and health care products for your home and your family so our nonprofit benefits from your purchases. All products are backed by an unconditional, money-back guarantee.
3. Your purchases from our online store, now and in the future, will provide a sustainable source of fundraising income for our nonprofit.
4. There is no conflict of interest, no risk. Just a sustainable, long-term way to support our nonprofit with ongoing income. And your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed!